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Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Best Practices and Policy Interactions

BHR is proud to share the release of “Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Best Practices and Policy Interactions.” The lifesaving book, comprised of chapters from mental health and suicide experts, addresses the public health crisis of youth suicide and discusses suicide prevention and intervention.

BHR’s chapter, co-written by Dr. Bart Andrews, Laura Coleman, Mandy Bowlin and Catherine Cox highlights BHR’s regional crisis hotline and details methods employed to address gaps in youth crisis response with the creation of the Youth Connection Helpline system. The chapter emphasizes the importance of integrating crisis hotlines with other community resources and the value of tracking outcomes to achieve intended goals. Guidance on how to implement and evaluate a youth-focused crisis system is provided. You can read the chapter here.

Youth suicide in the United States has been, and continues to be, a public health crisis. Tragically, there have been persistent increases in youth suicide rates in recent years despite increased resources and effort directed at this problem. The book’s objective is to provide clinicians, researchers, policy makers, or anyone passionate about suicide prevention research with current information across key domains of youth suicide prevention in a digestible format.

The must-read resource is open access, which offers free and unlimited access. Click here to read and download the book.