Training for Organizations

We work closely with organizations to provide training that helps businesses, hospitals, nonprofits and others strengthen their mental health knowledge and learn how to respond to it in the workplace.
Here are some examples of our trainings designed for organizations:

Trauma-Informed Care

This course explains how abuse, neglect and household dysfunction change our worldview and impact our ability to use reason, logic and morality and regulate thoughts and emotions. We provide practical tips and resources to help individuals learn to self-correct and teach others to do the same.

Stopping Stress in its Tracks: A Guide to Inflammation

This training demonstrates the effects of stress in the body and consequences of chronic inflammation while providing easy-to-implement life changes that improve emotional wellness and physical health.

Civil Involuntary Detention Facility Designee Training

This specialized course is designed for professionals who have been designated by the head of a facility to complete applications for civil involuntary detention and received the designee training required for approval by the Department of Mental Health.

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Our two-day workshop for clinicians, caregivers and survivors teaches a practical, skill-based model to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. Participants will learn how to recognize opportunities for offering support, assessing risk and linking individuals with community resources.

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